"Sibert's Drug Store, 'The Rexall Store,' Sumter, S.C.," postmarked August 20, 1962.

This store is still in existence on Liberty Street.  It was originally built on 8 South Main Street in 1903.  The store moved to 35 West Liberty Street in 1952.  Writing on postcard pictured below.

How have drug stores changed since the 1960s?

"America's Most Famous Mayflower Restaurant....Sumter, S.C., 'Queen of the South,'" no postmark, c. 1930s-1940s
"You will forever have pleasant and impressive memories of your visit to one of the nation's most elegant and beautiful restaurants, THE FAMOUS MAYFLOWER, whose modern and superb cuisine is a culinary shrine, where American and foreign chefs are constantly preparing scientifically and artistically the finest foods, served in the atmosphere of tranquil splendor and soft, sweet music for the genuine enjoyment of all connoisseurs of fine foods."

Back- "The ultra-modern and lavishly furnished MAYFLOWER has dining rooms to suit every occasion.  There is the main dining room, very large and beautiful...a dreamer's paradise.  Another is the picturesque private GOLD ROOM for parties and all kinds of functions.  Cleanliness, quality, service and hospitality are a religion at the MAYFLOWER and prices are reasonable.  The MAYFLOWER is air-conditioned summer and winter for your year-round comfort.  For its guests there is a large private parking lot at the rear of the building.  The MAYFLOWER building is new and extremely beautiful, built from the finest Italian marble, accented with native crab orchard stone.  It is a dream of modern architecture and is one of the most copied buildings in America."

"Hotel Sumter, Sumter, S.C.," postmarked July 30, 1910
This building was torn down by 1920.

"Claremont Hotel, Sumter, S.C.," no postmark, 1910-1920

This hotel, a popular stopping place for traveling salesmen, was built in 1914. It contained 75 guest rooms, all with modern conveniences.  It was located on the corner of Main and Bartlette until it burned down in 1965.

"The Imperial Hotel, Sumter, S.C.," no postmark, c. 1910s
A.L. Jackson built this hotel on South Harvin Street.  It contained 50 rooms for guests. 

"Evans Motor Court, Sumter, S.C.," postmarked July 21, 1952"
"Trailer Park. Modern Heated Cottages, all with private baths.  S.C. Grill, Hotel, and Cottages, Rating A. Grill serving all meals open from 6 a.m. to midnight.  Fine food at reasonable prices.  Standard Esso products.  Telephone 1447L.
Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Onley, Owners-Mgrs.
On North Main Street (U.S. 15, U.S. 15A)
Sumter, S.C."

"Mt. Vernon Court, U.S. Business, 521, one block W. of U.S. 15. In the heart of Sumter. 72 rooms. Air-cond., electric heat, phones, TV, dining room, swimming pool. Leonard A. Smith, Mgr."

"Holiday Inn of Sumter: Sumter, S.C. 226 N. Washington Street, On U.S. Highways 76, 378, and 521, 4 blocks from U.S. Highway 15, Complete Hotel Service, including Elevator Two Private Meeting Rooms"