July 4, 1907
"Main St., showing
Opera House in distance,
Sumter, S.C."

July 18, 1907
View of Main Street

March 8, 1909
"Main Street,
Business Section"

These two postcards do not have the dates listed on them.  What time period do you think the images represent?  *Hint...look at the different modes of transportation from the 1907 and 1908 postcards on the top.

"Main St. Looking North, Sumter, SC"
On Back: "Sumter, S.C. is named for General Thomas Sumter, famous "Gamecock" of the
American Revolution, who in 1783 founded old Stateburg in "the High Hills of Santee", just 10 miles from Sumter and almost in the exact geographical center of the State.  Located on U.S. Highway 15, main and most direct tourist route between Florida and the Northeast, Sumter lies half-way between New York and Miami and is a favorite stopping place for tourists."
There is no date listed on the postcard. What decade do you think is pictured here?

On Back: "Main Street of Sumter, S.C."
"Sumter is one of the fastest growing cities of South Carolina.  Located in the center of the state, it is famous for its gardens, business activity, and nearby Shaw Air Force Base.  The city was first called Sumterville after Gen. Thomas Sumter and has grown from its early settlement in 1785. 

Again, there is no date included on this postcard.  Main Street looks different though. What decade do you think this represents?
*Hint...the postcard had to be made after the construction of Shaw Field and name change to Shaw Air Force Base.

How has downtown Sumter changed through the years?  What is happening on Main Street now?  Watch this video produced several years ago by the Sumter Economic Development Board to find out.
*Note- there have been many changes, even since this video was created!