"Churches, Sumter, S.C.,
First Methodist Church, Synagogue, Catholic Church," no postmark, c. 1910

Churches, Sumter, S.C.,
Presbyterian Church, Episcopal Church, Broad Street Methodist Church," no postmark, c. 1910

"Churches of Sumter, S.C.,
Christian Church, Episcopal Church, First Presbyterian Church, First Baptist Church," no postmark, c. 1900-1915

"Presbyterian Church, Mayesville, S.C.," postmarked August 11, 1906

This congregation was established in 1881. This building pictured here was dedicated in 1892.  It burned down in 1975.  A new church was built 2 years later. 

"Presbyterian Church, Sumter, S.C.," postmarked October 14, 1908

This church was first organized in 1823.  The first sanctuary was built in 1830 in what was considered the "outskirts of the village" at that time.  A larger structure was built in 1850 to meet the growing congregation.  The present building that you see in this image was dedicated on November 10, 1907.
Located at the corner of West Calhoun and North Main Streets.

"Presbyterian Church, Sumter, S.C.," no postmark, take a guess!
This is the same church as pictured above, but with painted white bricks and "modern" cars in front of it.  What time period do you think it represents?  What has changed between the two pictures?

"Jewish Synagogue, Sumter, S.C.," no postmark, c. 1910-1930

The first groups of Jewish citizens arrived in Sumter via Charleston around 1815.  This brick building, Temple Sinai, dates to 1913, with several major additions added through the years.  It is located on Church Street and also houses the Temple Sinai Jewish History Center (completed in 2018).  
Learn more about it here. 

"St. Joseph's Academy and St. Ann's Catholic Church, Sumter, S.C.," no postmark, c. 1915

The Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy established this school in 1862.  This building stood on East Liberty Street.  The school closed in 1929. 

"Trinity Methodist Church, Sumter, S.C.," no postmark, c. 1910-1930
This building was completed in 1912 and destroyed by fire in 1960.

"First Baptist Church, Sumter, S.C.," no postmark, c. 1920-1930

This church was established in 1813 and continues today.  This current building was built in 1901.  Located on East Liberty Street.

"Episcopal Church, Sumter, S.C.," no postmark, c. 1920s-1930s

This postcard shows the Episcopal Church of the Holy Comforter.  It was first used in 1909. 

"First M.E. Church, Sumter, SC," no postmark, c. 1910s-1920s

"St. Mark's Methodist Church, Sumter, S.C.," no postmark, c. 1930s-1940s

A group of laymen started organizing this church in 1891.  The church is now located at the corner of Broad Street and Church Street.

"Church of the Holy Cross Stateburg, Elizabeth White," no postmark, c. 1950s-1960s

"Joel R. Poinsette of Charleston, S,C., botanist, who imported from Mexico the Christmas flower which bears his name, is buried in this South Carolina Churchyard."
This building is located on Hwy 261 in Stateburg and dates to 1850.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 
You can learn more about it here.
This drawing and the one below it were done by Sumter's own artist, Elizabeth White.  

"Brick Church," Salem, Black River...From Etching by Elizabeth White," postmarked August 18, 1959

The Salem Black River Presbyterian Church, also known as the "Brick Church" is located off on Hwy 527 in Mayesville.  The church was established in 1759 and the building dates to 1856.
Despite numerous natural disasters, including Hurricane Hugo, the church continues to stand.  Services are held twice a month. 

Learn more about the church here.